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Where does hTRUNK™ fit in Hadoop Ecosystem?

hTRUNK™ comprehensively sits on top of Apache Hadoop ecosystem facilitating quick and easy end to end application development.

Integrate any data with your data lake

  • Ingest and egress from any RDBMS, NoSQL, Cloud databases be it Legacy or new, big or small!

  • Only move the data you need it can be complete data or filtered data tables, columns, or data types.

  • Generating all data transforming, look-up operations and business logic to native Apache Spark.

  • Preview, deploy, run and manage data pipelines with user friendly drag and drop interface.

  • Coordinated development with a shared repository and in-built business rules document generation

  • In-built version controlling and scheduling to accelerate your data lake implementation

  • Includes 100’s of prebuilt data transformations to natively process all types of data on Apache Spark


Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark application development and management platform

The product is built from ground to sophisticate Hadoop application development without having to write or maintain complicated code

To meet the enterprise needs by tackling the challenges of Big Data application development. hTRUNK™ provides a suite of components to deliver lower cost, higher capacity infrastructure.


An intuitive graphical drag and drop application development environment with pre-built ETL components



Instantly deploy and efficiently manage artifacts between environments with no code compilation



Automate and monitor application workflows to reduce cost and speed up the delivery of business services



Efficiently track users, projects and jobs on the repository. Assign user privileges and account for each project


Features & Benefits

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Best in the industry combination

Leverage the full power of Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem coupled with Apache Spark for data processing.

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Built in Testing Environment

Provides an on board development/testing environment with local execution on the smaller data set.

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Distribution Agnostic

Compatible with all Hadoop distributions and is applicable to both on-premise and cloud based deployment models.

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Native connectivity to any BigData Eco-system

User friendly interface to connect to any eco-system component without having to worry about connection configurations

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Stay up to date with open source community

hTRUNK takes care of upgrade and new cutting edge feature addition.

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Multi execution modes

Instantly choose to run locally or on YARN or on Apache Spark cluster from UI.

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No version locking, Develop and deploy on any version

hTRUNK’s backend process generates code to version available on the server on the run time.

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No need to learn complex coding

The developer friendly visual interface enables quicker development without the need to learn complex coding.

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In-built scheduler and monitoring data flow

Control and orchestrate data flows and data integration jobs.

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Connectors to any external system

RDBMS, Cloud, Mainframe, file system, NoSQL and many more pre built connectors for CRUD operations.