Apache Hadoop data application development and management platform

The product is built from ground to sophisticate Hadoop application development without having to write or maintain complicated Apache Hadoop code.

To Meet the Enterprise needs by tackling the challenges of big data applicaton development. hTRUNK™ provides a suite of components to deliver lower cost, higher capacity infrastructure.


An intuitive graphical drag and drop application development environment with prebuilt ETL components

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Automate and monitor application workflows to reduce cost and speed up the delivery of business services through a rich graphical interface

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Instantly deploy and efficiently manage artifacts between environments with no code compilation

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Efficiently track users, projects and jobs on the hTRUNK repository. Assign user privileges and account for each project for a co-located team or a community of developers scattered

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Where does hTRUNK™ fit in Hadoop Ecosystem

hTRUNK™ comprehensively sits on top of Apache Hadoop and ecosystem facilitating quick and easy application development by.

  • Converting all the data import and export actions to a optimized Sqoop command.
  • Generating all data transforming, look-up operations and business logic to Apache Spark.
  • Submit all scheduled jobs to run on YARN.
  • Build a unified meta data layer for all data on HDFS.

Key Factors

Best in industry combination

hTRUNK™ enables users to leverage the full power of Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem coupled with Apache Spark for data processing.

Built in Development Environment

Provides an on board development/testing environment with local execution on the smaller dataset.

Distribution Agnostic

Compatible with all Hadoop distributions and is applicable to both on-premise and cloud based deployment models.