hTRUNK™ partner programs are circled around to feed and encourage the industries vibrant and cutting edge innovations Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop and ecosystem.

Using the services and expertise of partners, we can provide more comprehensive and better solutions to our clients together. Join us to help enterprises leverage Big Data and solutions to reduce operational cost and improve business.

Who can be our Partners

Service providers

Who deliver Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark based solutions and services leveraging hTRUNKs platform and support.

This Program supports your services to help increase the value you deliver to clients with the hTRUNK™ patform

Authorized Resellers

Distribution channels to help your customers run better Apache Hadoop infrastructure.

This partnership make it easy for you to leverage hTRUNK™ platform and implement your convenient deployment models.

OEM Partners

Who Integrate or embed powerful hTRUNK’s™ ETL platform into their own application.

Interested in partnering with hTRUNK™:



Note:hTRUNK reservers the whole rights to decide the partnership