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hTRUNK’s platform is the modern and versatile enterprise-ready business intelligence platform built based on Apache Superset.
An open source technology platform used to create data visualizations and reports that can be embedded into rich client and web applications

Complements Apache Hadoop and Eco-system

hTRUNK BI is a powerful yet intuitive tool to create and manage ad-hoc Reporting and Self-Service dashboards with deep integration to high-performance, column-oriented, distributed Druid data store.

Visualize any Data of any size

Apart from Deep integration to Druid on Hadoop, it features integration with most SQL-speaking RDBMS through SQLAlchemy enabling data visualization from any system.

Quick Dashboarding

Intuitive user friendly web based design studio with rich set of data visualizations enables non technical users to quick plot and visualize

Fast Analytics

Leverage the power of Druid to slice and dice for deeper insights and lets you explore all your data, in any direction.

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Features & Benefits

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Rich data visualizations

To deliver data-driven applications that transform business, the platform provides a rich set to visualizations.

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Built in Scheduler and Emailing

Provides an on board scheduling process to auto generate and share the visualization through E-mails.

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Enterprise-ready authentication

Compatible with major authentication providers like database, OpenID, LDAP, OAuth & REMOTE_USER through Flask AppBuilder.

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Native connectivity to any BigData Eco-system

User friendly interface to connect to any Big Data eco-system data source and combine with traditional data sources to offer a more complete view of your business.

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Stay up to date with open source community

Big Data technologies are evolving rapidly. hTRUNK takes care of upgrade and new cutting edge feature addition.