Deployer provides a unified graphical interface to author, execute build and migrate projects.

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What Deployer Does?

Migration and project deployment is challenging in Big Data application specially when it involves multiple eco-system components. hTRUNK’s deployer module enables application Deployers to migrate the jobs across environments with just a few clicks without having to build, recompile or resolve dependencies.

The Deployer provides the following features for quick and easy application development.

Unified deployement

No matter you use HBASE or RDBMS or any transformation component, the deployment is instant and is same irrespective of the functionality.


The Deployer module ensures that only the dedicated deployer community for a specific project can handle the related artifacts deployment or migration.


This feature lets the user to move the artifacts from one environment to another. This makes easy code transfer between Development, UAT and Production instances on different machines located in a different time zones.

Audit Trail

The Deployer keeps track of when the artifact is deployed or even re-deployed with the comments for each iteration of code transfer.

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