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A data lake is a storage repository that can manage large volumes and different types of raw or refined data in native format and then business analytics and data-mining tools are applied to the data.

According to Gartner, nearly 70% of all data warehouses face challenges related to performance and capacity. Data lakes built on top of distributed system can store raw data in any format of any size and overcome the challenges of traditional warehouses.

The main benefit of a data lake is the centralization of disparate content sources. Once gathered together, these sources can be combined and processed for business analytics and data-mining.

  • Take less time to access and locate data, thereby speeding up data preparation and reuse efforts

  • Enables users to build and test analytics models with greater agility

  • More accurate insights, stronger decisions

  • Adapts to changing needs of organization



bigdata lake

hTRUNK and Big Data lake

hTRUNK provides a platform based solution that combines the software and expert services you need to build big data lake and leverage it effectively for your use case.

hTRUNK’s solution will not only get you up and running quickly but also reduce the complexity of your data lake implementation. The hTRUNK platform is natively built to support the Data Lake architecture and operationalize your Data lake.

hTRUNK’s solution provides the agility and flexibility in the below key areas

bigdata lake

hadoop big data temenos t24

Smart Connectors to move data from any system to Data Lake

hadoop big data temenos t24

Pre-built components to perform any data engineering process

hadoop big data temenos t24

Complement existing systems without architectural changes

hadoop big data temenos t24

No need to learn Big data skills, innovate yourself

hadoop big data temenos t24

Visualize data directly without moving the data out