Administrator offers a user friendly graphical interface to manage projects and repositories, user accounts and hTRUNK server configurations.

What Administrator Does

It enables administrators change hTRUNK server configuration without having to manually edit the configuration files, control projects and users. The Administration module features a tabbed interface that groups related configuration settings within each tab.

User Account management

The user account management tab provides mechanism to create, activate, de-activate and delete users from the system. It provides user friendly, easy to use wizards for all the user account management activities.

Server configuration management

The configuration tab provides an easy way to update and change the server configurations without having to deal with complicated xml configuration files manually.

Repository management

The administrator console provides stats of all the projects created and number of jobs created in each project. This console overrides the authors behavior in managing the repositories and controls user access and privilege to all shared and private projects.

Scheduler management

The scheduler console provides an easy way to track the scheduler status, number of jobs scheduled, identify the scheduler conflicts using an graphical calendar. The module also overrides the scheduler authors rights.